Board of directors

I have an academic background in research, in medical radiation therapy at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (Sweden).

Throughout my career, I have co-founded companies that I personally believe makes the world a better place, one way or another. My focus has been in the life sciences and healthcare sector.

During my MBA studies at the Stockholm School of economics, Corporate Social Responsibility was a very interesting point on the agenda and I came to understand how important, but complex the global influence consumerism has on other people that might be far away from our everyday lives.

Equally important and systemic is the burden on healthcare sector associated with epidemic diseases.

In the age of digitalization not least in the healthcare sector now is time for developing countries to harvest that power of mobility, connectivity and scalability. That´s the area we believe inEmpathy will make an impact.

The collective power of each and every small contribution to our cause will then magnify to give an effect.Roger Svensson, PhD, MBA, Founder, Chairman, Norrtälje (Sweden)

I was born and raised in Sweden and decided to move to the United States in year 2009. I studied at Northeastern University where I focus on Entrepreneurship and Management, while pursuing a minor in International Affairs.

Through my studies and work experience I have really come to understand how all companies today have a social responsibility, economically, environmentally, socially and ethically. As consumers we have the power to influence companies and push them in in the direction of conducting human business through their entire value-chain.

As a crowd we can also together give our voice to common causes such as fighting epidemic diseases.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes during my studies and urgently charged to Boston Children´s Hospital. Diabetes is a deadly disease if you don´t manage it well. You probably can imagine the differences in obstacles to overcome when having diabetes in a developed country compared to a developing country.

This is exactly why we have created inEmpathy, to ensure that we do what we can do to fight epidemic diseases so our global neighbours are given a fair chance to live long and healthy lives.
Tove Svensson Rissanen, Entrepreneurship, Northeastern University (2014), Founder, Executive Vice President and Executive Director for the International Association Building, Norrtälje (Sweden), Boston (USA)

I have studied part time at Stockholm University with courses in science theory, culture and media.

I work in our BraineHealth as a project manager in the health care areas diabetes, asthma, hypertension and management system. I am head of program areas within the primary care, with a patient list of approximately 4000 patients.

Within BraineHealth , I lead the development of AI solutions and supervise innovators.

The type of project I am working on is perfectly adjustable to fit in to the bold ambitions of inEmpathy. They also need to be sensitized to local language and culture.Isabella Svensson, Co-founder inEmpathy, Lugn&Ro

I have worked as a assistant nurse and as a leader in elderly care throughout my professional life. I have a deep understanding of how important it is to work preventively and how to handle life-long illnesses.

I am the mother of 6 children, of which 2 have diabetes and I care for all children with life-long illnesses.

Epidemic diseases cause suffering for patients and are costly for healthcare in the western world. It is then not so difficult to imagine how it can be in developing countries.

Participating and developing inEmpathy for such countries focusing on epidemic diseases is not only an honor but very important.Sirpa Rissanen Co-founder inEmpathy and Lugn&Ro