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10 Urgent Global Issues That We Need to Address

Humanity is currently facing issues that need to be addressed urgently. These issues are creating devastating effects in different parts of the world. Therefore, if we do not do anything about it now, there will be irreversible damage that will happen in the future.

Let’s discuss the ten most critical global issues that must be given attention to:


  1. Climate Crisis

The ice is melting, and the temperature is rising, animals are getting extinct, forests are burning – these are just some of the effects of the climate crisis. All these because of different human activities that contribute to this number one global problem.

We now experience stronger and more frequent typhoons, and disasters are worse than ever. If we don’t act now, the effects of climate change can be irreversible.

Organizations and individuals have been trying to call upon their governments to do something about this problem. It’s still a long way to go, and time is running out.


  1. Pollution

Water, air, and land pollution – this is another environmental problem that we have to give a solution to.

There have been a lot of movements calling for the ban of single-use plastics or plastics in general. They have been the number one contributor to pollution on the planet. Plastics do not decompose for the next hundreds of years; thus, trying to reduce its use can be beneficial.

Industries that contribute to water and air pollution must be regulated too. These are big companies that need to be reminded that no amount of profit will be equal to a healthy and clean environment.

Water, air, and land – we all need these for survival.


  1. Violence

Violence has been a long-rooted problem in our society – be it an organized one or an individual attempt. Let’s learn to spread more love than hate. We can also try to address the issue by trying to do different preventive measures.


  1. Security

Being secure is a fundamental right. However, about issue # 3, our right to security has been threatened. We must address it along with the issue of violence to solve these problems altogether.


  1. Education

Governments do not allocate enough money to education. Thus, there are more and more children who do not have access to it. Governments must realize that an investment one education means an investment for the future. If they have a literate populace, the bigger the chance that their economy will be better.


  1. Unemployment and Underemployment

Governments must also ensure that there will jobs readily available for their graduates. Without a task that can sustain their family, people will find it challenging to live their day to day lives.

There are some who are employed but not in their field. This is because of the significant mismatch of their educational system and the local market.


  1. Corruption

Greed, selfishness, and corruption – unless there are people in the government who’d always choose themselves over the people they ought to serve, the masses, and the country, in general, will still be on the losing end.


  1. Malnourishment

With poverty always at the helm, malnutrition will always be an after effect. Without food on their table, children will be deprived of the nourishment they need.


  1. Substance Abuse

Whether you are poor or not, substance abuse can be rampant throughout the classes. It can be detrimental to your health. Worst, it can lead you to do harm to other people.


  1. Terrorism

Terrorism in all forms – people should realize who the real terrorists are. If we see beyond what they allow us to see, that’s when we’ll know who our real enemies are.


These problems plague our society. We mainly cause these, but we can solve it too. If we work together – in our individual and collective ways, we can do something to mitigate these global issues.

We have to call upon our governments to address these issues so we can save the future we deserve to have.