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Climate Action: How Trees can Save us from Climate Change

There is no denying that the world is experiencing climate change. We might be in different parts of the world, but we’re sure you’ve noticed the changes. From much stronger weather disturbances to unbearably higher temperatures to melting of ice in the North and South pole to animal extinction, all these are just some of the effects of climate change. We all know what caused this climate crisis, and blood is in our hands. The increase in carbon monoxide levels in our atmosphere is mainly because of various human activities.

Different corporations have been converting forests and agricultural lands to build their buildings. They have been disguising this move as a form of development. However, as individuals, we also have our fair share – from using our home appliances to driving our cars to name a few.

Many groups and organizations have been calling for governments and individuals to do something about this alarming problem. They have called on governments to enact policies that can lessen carbon footprints and have called on individuals to minimize the use of machines that emits carbon monoxide.

Scientists and experts have been devising ways and creating technology to mitigate the crisis, but a recent study released by Crowther Lab showed that the solution is not in technology – it’s in forests. Crowther Lab’s research revealed that planting trees is the most effective solution for mitigating climate change. There have been claims before on how trees can be the solution to the problem, but Crowther Lab’s research just provided the scientific proof.

Their research stated that we need to plant 1.6 billion hectares of continuous trees or a reforestation project with the same area of the United States. Out of the 1.6 billion hectares, 0.9 billion of it is not being used by humans. Once the trees mature, it can store two-thirds tonnes of carbon or 205 billion out of the 300 billion tonnes released in our atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. Their research also revealed that Russia, the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and China are the top six countries where the reforestation project can be done.

Prof. Thomas Crowther, the co-author of the study, said that everyone must act now because it will take decades for these trees to mature. It is only then that the Earth can harness its full potential. He also said that it is equally essential to protect our existing forests and continue other efforts to fight against climate change. He encouraged governments to take a step in achieving this solution, but he also urged individuals to grow their trees, donate to reforestation projects, or invest in a business that takes action against climate change.

Trees are natural carbon eaters. If human beings breathe oxygen, trees breathe carbon. It inhales carbon dioxide, processes it, and releases it as oxygen into the atmosphere. A mature tree can consume up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide every year, and it releases oxygen that is good for you to breath for two years. By doing this cycle, trees can limit global warming and provide us with a healthier and cleaner environment.

The blood might be in our hands, but the solution to this problem is in our hands too. We can make our efforts – stop using single-use plastics, bike going to work (if possible), eat less meat, lower down your thermostat. Moreover, we can also join hands to call on big corporations to stop releasing carbon monoxide into our atmosphere. Let us not be fooled by their false promise of development because actual development lies in a sustainable environment – one that can we proud to hand over to the generations to come.