global health

Improving Global Health

Everyone should understand that global health is essential in terms of study, research, and the practice of medicine. It is a process that allows different parties, both public and private, to identify gaps and improve health and health care worldwide.


Importance of Global Health


Global health is a critical aspect in terms of ensuring the safety of every individual. As globalization and migration increases, societies are more susceptible to the emergence or re-emergence of threats to health and infectious diseases.

It is essential to remember that outbreaks and infectious diseases do not only affect societies, but it also dramatically impacts the economic activity of a country or state. Therefore, steps to improve and ensure that health standards are set and measured accordingly.

One of the steps to improve global health is for Organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and governments to study, research, and monitor diseases worldwide. This can be done by taking medical and non-medical initiatives into account to be able to monitor and improve global health.


Global Health Issues


Here are four of the global issues that everyone should be aware of, and these are the following:


Environmental Factors

Climate and air pollution affect health and human population because it affects our water source and sanitation. Moreover, climate change also brings devastating ecological catastrophes such as drought or storms, which makes societies more susceptible to diseases.

A holistic approach must be made to combat climate change. Governments carry out policies to minimize carbon emission and encourage companies and private individuals to use renewable energy.


Economic Disparities

Technological advancement in the field of healthcare does not equate to better global health because of the lack of access by the majority of the communities around the globe. These communities high rate of child mortality, sexually transmitted diseases, and lack of basic nutrition in both children and adults.

Therefore, professionals and governments must bridge the gap to uplift these marginalized sectors. Representatives from these groups must be present in public health forums and must be represented when developing policies to improve the health care of these communities.


Political Issues

In most cases, economic disparities are results of political issues and factor. The conflict between nations or groups in a country can affect the development of infrastructure, transportation, and health sector.

For example, WHO cites that refugee migration due to political conflict leads to stress. As such, people isolate themselves from the larger groups, which eventually becomes detrimental to their health and wellness.


Food Sourcing and Supply and Livestock Health

The health of animals, especially livestock, is connected with the health of humans through the food chain. The process of growing and consuming livestock on a large scale influences the health and lifestyle of humans.

Agricultural approaches, such as the use of pesticide and inadequate waste management, also influenced global health. Specifically, the transmission of diseases by livestock and agricultural products are two of the primary causes of issues on global health.


Your Role to Improve Global Health



Regardless if you’re a medical practitioner or not, you can volunteer to do your part in improving global health. Work with a team in your chosen community, our country, and learn from them and take the leap.

Volunteer at a local health hospital or work with health care providers by providing support in their medical missions.



If you’re not up for volunteering, you can donate small gifts to volunteers and trainees. These donations often help in developing materials or providing medical supplies to volunteers your chosen community.


Be Informed

Global health is continually changing, and being aware of the changes and updates allows you to become more responsive and even responsible as a citizen. Learn the latest development and study issues in the field to be able to get a better perspective on global health.


Don’t be afraid to learn and support your chosen organization. Start changing the world as you donate or volunteer, now!