global health actions

Key Actions to Improve Global Health

Clean and healthy humanity is the current goal of doctors and health officials alike in the entire world. As such, the UN is now taking action amidst the on-going threat of climate change by finalizing the rulebook for the Paris agreement. The health of the entirety of humanity is at risk, which is why urgency must be addressed ASAP.

With this, the World Health Organization (WHO) has given a call to all governments, communities, businesses, and institutions to help them in their battle against climate change and the current health crisis. With the 25th UN Climate Conference recently culminated, here are key actions that we MUST do to be able to improve global health.


Putting Health Above Everything Else

The Paris agreement at its core is about dealing with greenhouse gas emissions and finding a way to mitigate the effects or to at least adapt to the emissions in the first place. Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the main reasons why climate change has become so much more apparent and prominent as of right now. With this, many diseases and problems have surfaced that may lead to our extinction.

However, if we address the impacts that this will have on our health and the health opportunities from climate actions, the Paris agreement can be one of the most proficient international health agreements ever. Prioritizing health above everything will be what will save us at the end of the day.


Cutting Carbon Emission

Air pollution kills millions of people a year, and most of the pollutants come from burning fossil fuels. If we’re trying to prioritize the removal or regulation of one thing, we should prioritize fossil fuels. If you’re a government, securing clean air for your citizens should be your utmost priority.

Joining the clean air initiative improves not only the health of your nation or community but also improves the health of everyone as a whole.


Investing in Climate Action

The benefits coming from climate mitigation far outweigh the financial cost and resources spent in both the short term and the long term. If billions of dollars in funds are what it takes to save us from climate change, then that’s the cost that everyone is willing to pay. Even tiny donations or significant investments can be fully utilized in climate action.

However, most of the climate finance isn’t even used in healthcare also though it’s incredibly important. Less than 1% of the funds go to health protection, and as the financial actor, you should significantly commit your resources in proven interventions in climate action for health factors.


Implementation of Health Policies That Highlight Health

In a recent survey conducted by the WHO regarding climate change plans or strategies, only half of the said countries had a high to moderate level when it comes to the implementation of their policies.

For the Paris agreement to be most proficient, we have to make sure that ALL governments properly implement health laws and strategies when it comes to climate change.


Evaluating and Promoting Health Benefits from Climate Action

Proper evaluation of the health benefits that we get from climate action will make sure that the cost-benefit is balanced or tip towards the favor of us. By looking at what climate action is going to do, we can also speculate what health benefits we’re going to get from said climate action.

This makes the mobilization of the health community transform the public’s support to climate action.

The World Health Organization is trying its best to mitigate the effects of climate change in the form of the Paris agreement. With this, we have to know that the health risks associated with climate change can be mitigated as well.

With these critical factors in mind, we can at least take a huge leap for the global health community in making sure that the health of everyone will be at its best in the future.