Our Projects Make the World a Better Place

How Our Projects Make a Difference in the World

InEmpathy is based on the fact that considering all the available resources, poverty should have been eliminated. Ever since it was established, inEmpathy has concentrated its efforts on health care and eldercare, all the while taking children vulnerability into account as well.

Income inequality is one of the paramount social problems. We believe that in spite of political, social, cultural, and religious factors, the percentage of the global population living in extreme poverty should not be as high as it currently is. According to recently collected data, the official poverty rate is now around 20%. That means that approximately 1,500 million people are below the poverty line. Existing resources offer a wide range of possibilities, making no challenge too big. And yet we still need to wait another ten to 15 years for the poverty rate to reach global zero. Is there a way to raise the poverty threshold worldwide in a more timely manner?

We Are the Change

In our opinion, the change we seek is our responsibility. If every one of us makes a contribution to society, we can make a difference. The key to achieving our goal lies in philanthropy, connecting generations, and raising awareness.

Despite its individualistic nature, the new generation is generally unaccepting of unfairness. The advancement of technology and the subsequent expansion of the internet have enabled people to communicate internationally. As a result, the new generation of consumers has the ability to influence producers on a large scale, thus creating a more socially responsible community.

The engagement of the new generation of consumers paved the way for the creation of inEmpathy. If a product bears our label, the customer can rest assured that a certain percentage of its price is used for good causes. Creating a general brand by centralizing the ones that already exist is an innovative way of influencing the overall market.

Finding Our Strength

Having identified the problem, we have decided to battle it in our area of expertise — health care. Connecting our health care operations to good causes entices people to donate to those in need. For example, we raised money for UNICEF, an international charity organization, via our vaccination program. Our secondary goal was for other organizations to adapt the concept. Unfortunately, that did not happen, so we have since been focusing on finding a scalable way to use our competence and resources to contribute to health care on a global level.

Digitized Health Care

Not only will the digitization of health care make a difference in developed countries, but it will also make a great impact in developing ones as well as in rural areas. Considering the fact, we have established Lugn&Ro Akademin (i.e BraineHealth), a company focusing on digitization in health care, as well as an online doctor. Finally, we are currently working on artificial robots that are to evaluate and decrease risks of diseases. Some of them are suitable for developing countries, where their purpose is to lift some of the weight off the health care system.

Now that we have explained our goal and the means we use to achieve it, it is time we took a closer look at our projects and the way they contribute to society.

Our Projects: The Future of Health Care

The projects you are about to get an insight into share three values: scalability, connectivity, and mobility. The traits they have in common have brought them to our attention and compelled us to fund them. We are about to share with you four innovative projects that have the power to truly make a difference and improve health care on a global level.

Medipacker: Medical Aid Available Worldwide

Backpackers’ explorative and curious nature leads them to diverse parts of the world. Their trail is that of an adventurer, and on their ventures, they often face a wide range of challenges. It is not uncommon for a backpacker to come across a person in need of medical aid. However, they are not doctors or nurses. They do not have medical degrees. All they have are their backpacks, adventurous spirit, and love of mankind. Can the three values compose a caregiver?

The answer is yes. Thanks to the Medipacker assistant system, an ordinary backpacker can turn into a hero, providing health care wherever they are, whenever it is needed, to whomever may need it. Just imagine having the power to save people’s lives and liberate them from anguish. Every adventure you embark on from now on can be an opportunity to use that power because you too can become a Medipacker. You can join a growing group of individuals like yourself on a quest for a happier and healthier world. Only a few simple steps make a difference between a regular backpacker and a superhero.

Naturally, you may wonder how you will be able to provide medical help without any knowledge in the area. Truth be told, such a task requires it. Fortunately, you will learn everything you need to know by attending the courses offered at Medipacker Academy. The Medipacker Community is there to support you on your way from an aspirant to a professional. On your journey, you will get to learn, practice your skills, and work your way up by acquiring badges. After completing a course, you will earn a bronze, silver, or gold certificate equivalent to the program (aspirant, bachelor, master, or professional). This unique experience and everything that follows will teach you that not all heroes wear capes — some carry backpacks.

Diagnosio: A Revolution in Diagnostics

Ever since the dawn of humanity, people have sought ways to improve their daily life. The most recent step in that direction is the ability to be your own doctor. The fast expansion of the internet has taken over numerous aspects of modern-day living, including health. For the past several decades, people have been able to google their symptoms and diagnose themselves. 

Nevertheless, the advancement of technology does not end there. In the spirit of health improvement, we present you with Diagnosio, your personal virtual doctor. Instead of googling your symptoms and confusing yourself with different results, you can now get an accurate diagnosis by consulting Diagnosio.

We have taken advantage of artificial intelligence and managed to create a diagnoser available to everyone everywhere whenever they may need it. You can think of it as your own pocket doctor.

Diagnosio generates a response to the symptoms you have entered from a vast number of documented diagnosis, including even the rare ones. Not only does it provide an answer fast, but it also simplifies it so that you do not have to have another awkward conversation with your doctor where you understand every third word.

Thanks to Diagnosio, you can diagnose yourself in three simple steps. First, you need to describe your symptoms (Diagnosio will help you by providing suggestions). Once you have done it, you can let your personal diagnoser do the rest and generate your diagnosis. Finally, it will alert you in case you need to consult your health care provider.

There are four membership levels: small — free trial, small, standard, and plus. At the price of only £9.90 a month you can become a premium member and run Diagnosio anytime.

Diabetio Companion: You Are Not Alone

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that strikes around 8% of the world population. It can be genetically inherited (type 1) or caused by obesity and lack of exercise (type 2). People who have diabetes have to constantly control their blood sugar level and possibly take insulin artificially because their body does not produce enough of the hormone naturally. Diabetes can cause a series of health problems if not treated correctly. However, the advancement of medicine has enabled people with diabetes to live long and healthy lives.

The latest innovation in the area is Diabetio Companion, an intelligent assistant for adults suffering from this disease. As we have already stated, people with diabetes must control their condition on a daily basis, which can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, thanks to Diabetio Companion, you will never have to worry about your disease distracting you from living your life to the fullest. This social robot is there to keep you company and facilitate your day-to-day activities by regularly monitoring your blood sugar level and insulin intake.

Diabetio is nothing like annoying reminders you may be used to. It is one of the best results of artificial intelligence in health care. It supervises your daily diabetes-related routine and makes useful suggestions in a uniquely fun way. Some have even compared it to a close friend, which only emphasizes the importance it has in their lives. If you let it accompany you on your journey, you may agree with them. You may have to live with diabetes, but if you let Diabetio Companion live with you, your burden will be twice as lighter.

Diabetio Buddy: An Extraordinary Friend and Helper

Unfortunately, diabetes does not spare children. Even though it is more common among adults, it strikes youngsters as well. As difficult as it may be to cope with diabetes as an adult, it is even more challenging to face it as a child. Moreover, a parent of a child who has diabetes has a handful of concerns apart from the regular parental ones. In addition to worrying about their child’s overall well-being, those parents need to monitor their child’s condition, teach them how to manage it, and make sure they do not feel less capable of achieving their goals in comparison to their peers.

Having your child diagnosed with diabetes is an emotional shock that puts a heavy burden on you. It is not unusual to feel lost, confused, and in need of assistance. The silver lining you crave in such a situation is Diabetio Buddy, an Al robot that will help your child deal with their disease and facilitate the difficult task you have been given. They will learn all the valuable information about their condition through play, and you will feel in control of their daily diabetes care.

Diabetio Buddy does for children what Diabetio Companion does for adults — it monitors their condition, all the while teaching them all they need to know about it. Before they know it, your child will have acquired all the information they need to live a happy and healthy life as a person with diabetes. Instead of being confused by their disease, your child will quickly learn to accept it and manage it. Diabetio Buddy is their friend and your much-needed helper.

Join Us on Our Quest

You too can be the change you expect to see. Would it not be nice to see the world improving before your very eyes? Would it not be even nicer to know you have contributed to its improvement? 

You can join us and help make the world a better place for all of us by donating to our causes. We at inEmpathy are a small but welcoming family. We have a vision and are ready to embrace everyone who shares it with us. In fact, you may be crucial for making that vision come true. 

Everyone dreams of becoming a superhero capable of saving the world within moments. Our quest may take longer, but you can get to live your dream with us. You can make a tremendous difference and live in a world of healthy and content people. Every contribution matters. The future has begun.