What Can Be Done to Improve Health in Developing Countries

Avoidable health problems such as infectious diseases, malnutrition and complications of childbirth are extremely common in developing countries.

Unfortunately, there is still a large gap between poor and richer people which reflect different socioeconomic constraints faced by the population of these countries.

Despite this, there is some good news though – we can all get involved to improve health in developing countries, regardless of where we live on this planet.

Disparities Between the Rich and Poor in Developing Countries

In general, the poor will always be disadvantaged when it comes to health matters.

The lack of financial resources, limited knowledge of health issues,
and limited use of health services are all factors which contribute to the vulnerability of poor people in relation to their health.

On top of this, the living environment impacts people’s health as well because they have less access to clean water, safe housing, and even transportation, which are considered the norm in developed countries.

Luckily, there are things we can do to help the poor get access to much better health care.

What Can Be Done to Improve Health in Developing Countries

  • Investing in education. Education is key when it comes to learning how to take preventive measures. It also enables people to have better health literacy, obtain safer jobs and avoid behaviors which can damage their health. This is especially important for women living in developing countries, whether we’re referring to girls or mothers. Most deaths occur either in newborns or in the first five years of life. By educating mothers on how to keep their family healthy, it will help them prolong their children’s lives.
  • Increasing health benefits for the poor. As we previously mentioned, the poor tend to have fewer benefits than the rich when it comes to health care. Because of this, the disadvantaged group has a greater chance of contracting diseases which could be avoided otherwise. There are two main solutions which can be implemented to increase health benefits in low-income countries. One that targets those who are eligible for lower-cost health care. The second one would focus on identifying and addressing the most common diseases which tend to affect these people.
  • Providing essential health care services. This is something extremely important where both the government and the private health sector can get involved. Essential care simply means that anyone, including the poor, would have access to universal healthcare. It includes everything from vaccine coverage, access to essential medicine, having clean water supplies and better sanitation practices.
  • Getting involved in our programs. You can read here about the projects that we love and believe in. All of them have the focus on making a huge impact to improve healthcare and fight epidemic diseases. We believe in innovative and sustainable health care and that global healthcare can be improved if we all contribute little by little.

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How You Can Get Involved to Improve Health in Developing Countries

We believe that every little thing helps, so you too can get involved and help those in need that live in developing countries.

Our goal is to help as much as we can by involving you as well. Here you can read about a few of the healthcare projects we truly believe in.

If you want to help and improve health in developing countries, you can become our friend and donate here.

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