International Management

I was born and raised in Sweden and decided to move to the United States in year 2009. I am a current student at Northeastern University and in my studies I have chosen to focus on Entrepreneurship and Management, while pursuing a minor in International Affairs. Through my studies and work experience I have really come to understand how all companies today have a social responsibility, economically, environmentally, socially and ethically.
As consumers we have the power to influence companies and push them in in the direction of conducting human business through their entire value-chain. This is exactly why we have created this organization, to ensure that all companies take their full global responsibility to create a sustainable future for everyone. Being a member means that you are part of creating a common purchasing power that we can use to once and for all set the standard for what is okay to expose our fellow world citizens to.
One thing I know is that the board of directors at inEmpathy will not be satisfied until our global neighbors are given a fair chance to live long and healthy lives.Tove Svensson Rissanen, Entrepreneurship, Northeastern University (2014), Founder, Executive Vice President and Executive Director for the International Association Building, Norrtälje (Sweden), Boston (USA)
Through my studies at Northeastern University, my experience working at Wayfair and Harvard Law School, I have learned more than I ever expected about the world we live in and myself. I have always wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives and after taking a social entrepreneurship course at Northeastern, I was moved to make a real difference.

I believe inEmpathy will motivate companies to be more conscious of the people and environment around them and work towards building a better world.Nicole Wells, Entrepreneurship & Supply Chain Operation, Northeastern University (2014), International Representative, Boston (USA)