Get certified 2

Why are these men not wearing boots in corrosive cement water? Do we want a company like this as a subcontractor to our own businesses? Do we really want to buy products from companies that allow these conditions for their workers? At inEmpathy we loudly say No!

Companies that have long-reaching social responsibility should be rewarded and praised for its business and indeed on the various social forums. We offer your business or organization to be certified by us. A certification means that you in a clear and simple way show your colleagues, clients and competitors that you are actively working with these issues. This certification entitles you to use our logo and our materials in all your marketing.

We will of course require you to meet the standards of certification. Without these requirements our brand would lack the weight that we think it has. The requirements that you and your company will need to follow are in our statutes. It for example states that:

The association intends to certify such organizations as the Association as meeting the association’s requirements. Such requirements must meet the following criteria or similar:

1) that at least 1% of the organization’s sales revenue is used for international development and relief work aimed at empowering people which mainly supports and cultivates entrepreneurship.

2) that 1% of the organization’s sales revenue is used and support the company’s own CSR policy (CorporateSocialResponsibility) and that it is objectively validated.

3) Combinations of claims 1 and 2 of the compound considered fulfill the primary purpose of certification, but an organization can not get a certification by claim 1, while having a conflicting CSR policy.