projects we love

Healthcare projects we love to fund have high mobility, connectivity, and scalability and therefore have the potential to make a huge impact to improve healthcare and fight epidemic diseases.

Medipacker – Backpackers becomes heroes
MEDIPACKER – When backpackers becomes heroes Backpackers are curious and explorative people with big hearts. They seek every corner of
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Diagnosio – A virtual doctor building block
DIAGNOSIO – a virtual doctor that checks your symptoms With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we revolutionize healthcare. Diagnosio analyzes
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Diabetio Companion
DIABETIO COMPANION – Intelligent assistant for adult diabetes care Diabetio Companion is social AI robot assistant for adults to manage
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Diabetio Buddy
DIABETIO BUDDY – Social robot for child diabetes care Diabetio Buddy is social AI robot assistant that helps children to
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