REGULATIONS of the NGO inEmpathy Sweden




§ 1 The objects and purposes

The association aims to engage in charitable activities and contribute to global sustainable development for businesses and individuals. Sustainable development refers to the compound primarily affect the companies working in this direction through the change process in their own organization with these goals and to influence other organizations in this direction. The association intends to certify such organizations as the Association as meeting the association’s requirements. Such requirements must meet the following criteria or similar:

.    that at least 1% of the organization’s sales revenue is used for international development and relief work aimed at empowering people which mainly supports and cultivates entrepreneurship.

.    that 1% of the organization’s sales revenue is used and support the company’s / organization’s own CSR policy (CorporateSocialResponsibility) and that it is objectively validated.

.    Combinations of claims 1 and 2 of the compound considered fulfill the primary purpose of certification, but an organization can not buy a certification by claim 1 and having a lot conflicting CSR policy.

The Board intends to have an ongoing revised action plan to work with the above guidelines. The action plan agreed and established by the Meeting.

The association’s funds primarily refers to membership dues, donations / grants, and certification fees.

§ 2 Composition

The organization is composed of natural persons that appear in the association as members.

§ 3 Governing Bodies

The association’s governing body is the Annual Meeting, additional annual meeting and the board.

4 § Signing

The association’s authorized signatories of the Board or, if the Board so decides, by two directors jointly or by one or more designated individuals of legal age.

5 § Business and year

The association’s fiscal year and fiscal year covers the period 1 January to 31 December. For each financial year annual accounts drawn up.

6 § Administration of funds and accounting

The Board is responsible for accounting obligations are fulfilled, the company as established and that the association’s assets are invested in an acceptable manner.

7 § Auditor

To audit the financial statements, accounts and the board’s management chooses the annual meeting for the period through the next annual meeting, a qualified accountant.

§ 8 Stadgetolkning mm

Occurs doubt about the interpretation of these statutes, or if cases occur that are not predicted by the statutes, referred the matter to its next annual meeting. In urgent cases, the question will be settled by the Board.

9 § Arbitration

Proceedings of the dispute between the member and the association may not be sued in civil courts. Such dispute shall, except where other specific arrangements are prescribed, governed by the Arbitration Act. However, the following apply regarding the costs of the arbitration. Each party is responsible for his own expenses and the cost of the arbitrator is appointed. The cost of the Chairman and Secretary, shared equally between the parties.

§ 10 bylaws

Resolution on amendment of this Constitution is taken at the annual meeting. Proposals to amend the bylaws at their principal contents specified in the notice of annual meeting. Resolution on amendment of rules is valid if the decision taken at two consecutive meetings with at least three months apart, the first of which shall be the annual meeting and the proposal to the last advised by at least two-thirds of the voters.

§ 11 Dissolution of the Association

Decisions on the association’s resolution is to be a valid basis of a three-fourths majority at two consecutive annual meetings. The notice of such meetings shall specify that proposals for the association’s resolution will be discussed.

The compound is dissolved, its assets shall be handed over to another organization or institution, which seems to aim and purpose which is basically similar to the association. Members of the Association shall in such case no claim on any part of the assets.

§ 12 Control Giro Account

The association is entitled to the Foundation for the collection control, SFI, Stockholm, apply for and – after approval – to hold so-called control current accounts (90 account). The Board and the auditor shall, after such account assignment continuously apply SFI’s special accounting instructions.

If the association holds control current account and it denounced or otherwise ceases to be the compound follow SFI’s rules and accountability until the collected funds expended.


§ 13 Membership

Association is open to all individuals who wish to support the association’s purpose.

Members must comply with statutes and regulations.

Admission applications are decided by the Board. Once the membership fee is paid the person a member and brought into the list of members.

List of members conducted by the Board. The decision to release information from the membership list and any other lists of contributors and others may not take place unless the Board so decides. Information may be disclosed until after trial, if it can be done without, but for the association, members, donors or others who may be omitted.

The Board is authorized to appoint persons as honorary members.

§ 14 Withdrawal

Members who want to secede from the union, shall in writing notify the Board and will be deemed to have immediately left the compound. Members who have chosen to leave the compound would then have no right to a refund of the fee.

Members who have not paid dues for two consecutive fiscal year shall be deemed to have requested his withdrawal from the association. Membership ends in such a case in that the person is removed from the list of members.

§ 15 Exclusion mm

Members may not be excluded from membership for reasons other than that he has failed to pay the compound agreed fees, opposed the association’s activities and purpose or obviously damaged the association’s interests. The decision on expulsion or warning may be taken without the member shall, within not less than 14 days, had the opportunity to comment on the circumstances which led to membership in doubt. It shall indicate the reasons for exclusion are reported and indicated what the member must observe the appeal. The decision shall, within three days from the date of the decision in writing to the person concerned.

§ 16 Members rights and obligations


• are entitled to participate in meetings arranged for members,

• are entitled to information about the affairs,

• must comply with statutes and decisions of the compound body,

• are not entitled to part of the association proceeds or property upon dissolution of the compound,

• to pay membership fees and any other fees imposed by the association.


§ 17 Time, call

The annual meeting, which is the highest governing body, will be held before the end of July at a time and place fixed by the Board.

Notice of Annual Meeting or other general meeting together with details of where suggestions and comments of the Board shall be issued no later than three weeks before the meeting. The notice is available on the Association’s website . At association meetings to take any member who paid the membership fee, one vote.

Has the proposal been brought on statute, the closure or merger of the compound with another compound, or other matter of significance for the association or its members

it must be stated in the notice. Operating and annual reports, auditors’ reports, business plans with the budget and the Board’s proposal and received bills with the Board’s opinion must be available to members one week before the annual meeting. The notice shall indicate where these documents are available.

§ 18 Motion for matter to be considered at the annual meeting

Both members of the Board may issue a proposal that addressed the annual meeting. Proposals from members shall be Board no later than four weeks before the annual meeting. The Board shall submit to the annual meeting, submit a written opinion on the proposal.

§ 19 Right to vote and freedom of speech and right to make proposals at the annual meeting

Members who have paid membership fees and meeting years fills less than 16 years, to vote at the meeting. The right to vote is personal and may not be exercised by proxy. Members who do not have voting rights have freedom of speech and right to make proposals at the meeting.

20 § A quorum

The meeting is quorate with the number of voting members present at the meeting.

§ 21 Decisions and voting

Decisions are taken by acclamation (acclamation) or if requested a vote (a vote).

With the exception of the statute and the resolution of the compound is determined in a vote all questions by a simple majority. A simple majority can be either absolute or relative. Selection is determined by relative majority. The relative majority means that it (they) who received the highest number of votes is elected (selected) regardless of how those votes are related to the number of votes cast. For decisions in matters other than elections requires an absolute majority, which means more than half of the votes cast. Voting is open. If a voting member so requires, choices made at the end. In votes that do not relate choices for a tie, the proposal by the Chairman the meeting, the Chairman is to vote. Is the President not voting determines the ticket. The choice, in the event of a tie, determined by drawing lots. The decision confirmed the hammer.

§ 22 Eligibility

Eligible for election to the Board and the Nomination Committee is a voting member of the association. Employee of the association may not be elected member of the board, committee or auditor of the association.

§ 23 Issues at Annual Meeting

At the annual meeting, the following shall be treated and recorded:

The first Determination of the electoral register for the meeting. (Persons entitled to vote)

The second Election of chairman and secretary of the meeting.

The third Selection of the minutes and tellers.

The fourth Ask if the meeting has been called correctly.

The fifth Determination of the agenda.

The sixth Board of Directors for the last fiscal year.

The seventh Submission of annual reports (balance sheets and income statements) for the last financial year and the audit report.

Eighth Determination of income statements and balance sheets.

9th Matter of discharge of the Board for the period audited.

10th Determination of membership fees.

11th Presentation of and establishment of business and the processing of budget for the coming year.

12th Determination of fees to the Board

13th Consideration of the proposal and in due time received motions.

14th Selection of

a) the association’s chairman for a term of 1 year;

b) half of the other Board members for a term of 2 years and tamperproof upcoming event alternates for these 2 years;

c) a qualified auditor as well as alternate for a term of one year.

d) at least two, maximum three members of the Committee for a term of one year, one of whom shall be appointed chairman. This may not be Board members attend

Nothing beyond what is contained in the notice may be raised and decided at the annual meeting.

§ 24 Extraordinary Annual Meeting

Board members may call an Extraordinary Meeting. The Board is obliged to convene an Extraordinary Annual Meeting when an accountant or at least a 1/3 part of the members entitled to vote so request. This case must be made in writing and include the reasons for the request.

When the board received a request for additional annual meeting shall, within 14 days call such a meeting be held within two months from the resulting request.

Notice of the draft agenda for the extraordinary meeting shall be sent to members not later than seven days before the meeting or announced on the homepage.

The extra annual meeting may only be what led the meeting up for consideration. If the vote at the extraordinary annual meeting and the quorum for such meeting, the same as for the annual meeting.


§ 25 Composition, duties

The Nomination Committee comprises a chairman and at least one but no more than two other members elected at the annual meeting. The Nominating Committee will meet when the chairman or at least half

number of members so decide. The Nominating Committee shall be four weeks before the annual meeting to ask them whose term expires at the meeting was over, if they want a candidate for the next term. At least three weeks before the annual meeting the Nominating Committee shall notify the members entitled to vote his proposal.


§ 26 Audit

Auditors have the right to continuously take full advantage of accounts, annual meeting and board meeting minutes and other documents. The auditor shall not participate regularly in board meetings. Association’s accounts shall be the auditors no later than one month before the annual meeting. Auditors to review the board’s administration and accounts for the latest operating and financial year and the board shall submit the audit report no later than 14 days before the annual meeting.


§ 27 Composition

The Board comprises a chairman and at least three and no more than six other members. The board should consist of men and women. Board members are appointed at the Annual Meeting for a term of two years. Function of the members expires at the end of the term. The Board’s half the number of new or re-appointed alternately at each annual meeting. While deputies of the members may be appointed.

The Board appoints a vice-president, secretary, treasurer and other officers as needed. The chairperson is elected at the annual meeting. At the association’s formation is chosen half in two years and half in one year. The Board has a quorum when at least half of the members are present. If votes have the casting vote. Minutes shall be taken at board meetings. The Board President may co-opt a person other than the director. Such a member may not vote, but may decide not to be given expression and the right of proposal.

Co-opted member may be appointed to positions within the Board.

When prevented from entering alternate member of the annual meeting established rota. Less member before expiry occurs deputy in his place according to the order of time until next annual meeting.

§ 28 The Board’s duties

When the annual meeting is not united board of the association’s governing body and responsible for the association’s affairs. The Board shall – within

these statutes – account for the association’s activities according to established plans and to defend members’ interests. It is incumbent upon the Board for that

• ensure that the compound existing laws and binding rules are observed,

• implementing the annual meeting made decisions,

• plan, manage and distribute work within the association,

• take responsibility for and manage the association’s funds,

• provide to the auditor’s accounts, etc. and

• prepare the annual meeting.

29 § Notice, quorum and voting

The Board shall meet when convened by the President, or when at least half the members have requested it. The Board constitutes a quorum when all members were called and when at least half the members are present. For every decision, at least half of all board members are in agreement. If votes have the casting vote. Voting may take place by proxy. In urgent cases the Chairman may decide that the matter be decided by written ballot or by telephone conference. If the specific protocol is not subject to such determination shall be notified at the next subsequent meeting. The meeting shall be recorded. Minutes shall be adjusted by the chairman of the meeting and by a specially appointed to scrutinize the minutes. Dissenting opinions shall be recorded in the minutes.

§ 30 Transfer of decision-making power

The Board may delegate its decision-making authority in individual cases or in particular categories of cases to section, committee or other body or individual member or employee. Anyone who has decided, pursuant to authorization under the preceding paragraph shall keep the Board accordingly.

Above STATUTES for the non-profit inEmpathy Sweden is adopted on 7 July 2010.