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Global Health is Environmental Emergency
Global Health is Environmental Emergency Climate change is an inevitability that we’re going to have to face. But climate change
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global issues
10 Urgent Global Issues That We Need to Address
Humanity is currently facing issues that need to be addressed urgently. These issues are creating devastating effects in different parts
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covid19 lessons sustainability climate change
COVID-19 Lessons on Sustainability and Climate Change
As the world continues to face the COVID-19, we’re also facing challenges in different forms. Nonetheless, these challenges also provide
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global health actions
Key Actions to Improve Global Health
Clean and healthy humanity is the current goal of doctors and health officials alike in the entire world. As such,
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coronavirus economic impact
The Economic Impact of COVID-19
The economy is at a standstill with the current pandemic that is the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. Let’s take a
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covid19 local community
COVID-19 Crisis Management Response in Local Communities
The whole world is in crisis, and local governments are doing their best to stop the spread of COVID-19. Therefore,
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government healthcare
3 Ways Governments Can Improve Healthcare in Developing Countries
Health is an essential aspect of the economy of a country. When the majority of the population is healthy, it
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6 Pillars of Sustainable Development
We often intertwine the word development with progress but the question is, is it sustainable? We now begin to understand
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Our Projects Make the World a Better Place
How Our Projects Make a Difference in the World InEmpathy is based on the fact that considering all the available
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4 Ways Telemedicine is Helping Charitable Institutions
Charity work is not an easy task. You must give service to people that need you the most and device
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