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4 Ways Telemedicine is Helping Charitable Institutions
Charity work is not an easy task. You must give service to people that need you the most and device
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climate change
Climate Action: How Trees can Save us from Climate Change
There is no denying that the world is experiencing climate change. We might be in different parts of the world,
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global health
Improving Global Health
Everyone should understand that global health is essential in terms of study, research, and the practice of medicine. It is
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healthcare quality of life
How Healthcare Status Affects Quality of Life
Healthcare and quality of life go hand-in-hand when it comes to social and lifestyle assessment. Specifically, there is such a
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How We Can Reduce Global Health Disparities
In a world where a billion people live in extreme poverty, global health disparities are a pressing concern. On one
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The Most Common Causes of Death in Developing Countries
Knowing the causes of death in developing countries is extremely important at assessing the effectiveness of a country’s health care
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What Can Be Done to Improve Health in Developing Countries
Avoidable health problems such as infectious diseases, malnutrition and complications of childbirth are extremely common in developing countries. Unfortunately, there
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Improving Global Healthcare Is a Shared Responsibility
From big corporations and governments down to you and me, improving global healthcare is everyone’s responsibility. We live in a world where
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Who cares?
“IKEA let Cuban prisoners make furniture,” was the headline on the Swedish Daily post one morning. The Swedish television program
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Is it the leftovers from your cell phone that makes it itch over Sakshi’s 8 year old body in landfill,
But the more companies build CSR into and throughout their operations, the greater the chance is that it starts to
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